David J Prokopetz Offers an Interesting Incite as to Describing Certain Situations

Ever hear of a kenning? Probably if you enjoy reading fanfiction or romance novels. Why bring this up now? Because I found it startling that this is the only places we really hear about kennings anymore.

You see a kenning is a figurative expression that replaces a name or a noun. Often it is a compound of two words and the words are hyphenated. Kennings are usually associated with Old Norse, Icelandic, and Anglo Saxon poetry. Phrases like ‘ankle-biter’ or ‘brown noser’ tend to make a mental image of a person come into your mind right? Those are a few examples outside of nsfw readings. But David J Prokopetz really brought this to my attention in a blog posting of his.

(I have to admit the idea of calling a person’s vagina a squish pocket isn’t all that appealing as a reader, but it did make me laugh.)


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