Advice on How to Write a Less than Ideal Likable Person

The Writer’s Society is a new blog I’ve come across that shells out good advice for sticky situations that a writer can be in when describing things. Something that I am having trouble with is writing well…a character who’s an asshole. You as the reader have to like this asshole character, and how exactly am I supposed to write him so you’ll like him?!

WELL have I got news for you… the Writer’s Society has a few links up their sleeves to answer to this conundrum.

So, my number one thing to creating characters is to give them flaws, flaws, flaws. Because no one’s perfect. So I find this great that you have a character that has a negative personality trait.

With the flaws you have listed, I think it’s fine to have any one of these traits. I mean, real people have these kinds of personality traits. We come by them all the time. Maybe be are that person.

The key is to not come on too strongly with that flaw/personality trait until it needs to become prominent. Like most human beings (I’m assuming), people want to become better people (consciously or unconsciously). To see a character struggle and strive to become better makes it seem realistic to the readers.

Maybe they don’t see how they can become a better person at first, but to see a character grow and change (whether good or bad) makes it even more realistic then before.

I think maybe you should try working on character arcs. What mostly makes a character seem realistic is the way they grow/change in a novel. Not necessarily every character has to change at that point in the novel. But people change all the time, god or bad. So should characters.

I hope this help! If you have any more questions, concerns, or just want to talk, feel free to drop by my ask box!


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