Describing Asian Eyes and Crease and Contour: Asian Eyes VS Caucasian Eyes

Here again with more writing techniques for different ethnicities and races. This time we’re talking about the eyes of characters, not the color of the iris but the shape and contour of the muscles around the eyes. Again the lovely Writing with Color has their advice to include on the subject and I wanted to link to one particular site that does help. I’m talking about Bun-bun the author of Bunbun makeuptips, it might seem unorthodox to link to a makeup website however, I learned many new things from Bun-bun’s advice about Creases and Contours. Mainly becuase she is able to describe the differences in all types of caucasion eyes and all types of asian eyes. No four eyes are the same you know! This is what Writing with Color had to say on the subject: “We get a lot of questions about how to write Asian eyes. We get them from Asians and non-Asians alike! People worry about being offensive when describing them. Well, if that’s been a part of your worries as a writer, this post is for you!”


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