Spring Semester Coming Up Fast!

Hello all! I just got back from visiting the lovely SCC campus where I ran into Professor Guneyli, the Editor of the Mid Rivers Review Magazine. We discussed a few of the upcoming classes available this spring that are being taught by, Christy Gant, Jacqueline Gray and Joe Baumann. I was intrigued and I’m so glad I’m going to be at my old college again for a semester of learning! Just like the good ol’ days!

So any of my followers and those who are just passing by that happen to live in or around the St. Louis area, please know that St. Charles Community College is offering some really wonderful Creative Writing courses this upcoming spring semester! They were entirely too tempting for me to just sit back and not go to so I signed up for two of them, ENG 202-40 Creative Writing II and ENG 206-40 Workshop in Creative Writing: Narrative Forms. I am super stoked to be in these courses and I hope many more local writers who need a bit of feedback join as well. If anyone has any questions about these courses (or would like a sneak peek at the syllabi to see if they’re a good fit for you), feel free to email Joe at jbaumann@stchas.edu. He’s happy to answer any questions.

Hopefully I can see some new faces and hear some exiting stories this coming spring! I just signed up for these courses and after January 13th registration is closed for the spring semester. As always keep your confidence high when writing, the blank pages are scary but don’t see them as obstacles but challenges! You can do it! Write with your heart on your sleeve!


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