Nail, Head, Meet Hammer

Those that sit here, though few,

Or to those that listen in,

I’ve a message for you,

So now I’ll begin.


Who told you to not be a she?

That it was weak to cry?

Who said to he,

That he should put away the tears and fight?


Whomever this was, they were wrong,

Being feminine is not a weakness,

You can be withdrawn,

You can bake, sew, pursue happiness.


I’ve heard that to run like a girl,

Is humiliating like admitting defeat,

But we women have went to bed in a curl,

And awoken in blood only to wash the sheet.


Who told you that women are weaker?

We still have the strength to carry your corpse

Into the woods and be a public speaker.

While your limbs grow into trees and warp.


I’ve heard somewhere that many men fear,

Going to jail because what happens to them,

Happens to us when we’ve had too much beer,

Or after a roadside compliment, we are condemned.


Like an unsound building we are tainted,

By the hands of someone unbeknown,

But perhaps it is you who is unacquainted,

With the hands that you own.


I have heard that we are taught,

There are no worse things,

Than a baby, disease, or being caught,

Before wedding rings.


Do not confuse one story for all stories,

Do not confide in your brothers,

Tales of rape as glories,

After all they’re not just sisters and mothers.



They are women.

That should matter most of all,

So when your sisters or brotheren,

Are just joking, they shouldn’t have the gaul.


We can teach this better,

To love, protect, and have ambition,

To not dance around the scarlet letter,

As humans it is our mission.


Teach now so down the stream,

they value respect and choices,

They don’t have to scream,

For us to hear their voices.


And don’t forget to be a proud women,

When your daughter asks you,

Why you have stretch marks across your thighs and abdomen,

Just tell her that someday she’ll earn her tiger stripes too.





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