Her Blue Eyes

When I first got her I was the first one she saw.

When she looked up at me with those big blue eyes,

they were as blue as the sky that day.

When she was a little older I took her outside

where she could see that sky.

As she lay in the patch of daffodils

she looked at me with her big blue yes.

When she got sick I took care of her.

When I felt sad, she was there with her big blue eyes.

One day she ignored me.

I tried to get her attention but it wouldn’t work.

It went on through the week, then the weekend.

On Monday morning

when I went to get my jacket downstairs

There she was,

I thought she was sleeping but she wasn’t.

Lying there, not moving, not breathing, just lying there.

The day went on, I went to school.

I cried the whole day,

but my friends cheered me up a little.

The reason why I was crying

is because those blue eyes that looked up at me,

were shut and were not going to open again.

Published in the 2004 Edition Teacher’s Selection Anthology of Poetry


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